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Alto Car price in Pakistan

Alto Car price in Pakistan

The Suzuki Alto in Pakistan has claimed its position as the car that is the most popular and most affordable car in Pakistan. The Alto is a car that has a compact design, good fuel economy, and reliability, which is the ideal choice for city commuting and first-time car buyers. With the year 2024, Suzuki is still keeping the Alto in various models with different needs and budgets. Here are the details of the Suzuki Alto Price in Pakistan, its variations, features, and prices in Pakistan.

Variants and Pricing

This car is offered in several editions, which makes buyers go for the type that would meet their needs and money. As of 2024, Suzuki Alto Price in Pakistan variants are as follows:

·        Suzuki Alto VX: PKR 2,251,000

·        Suzuki Alto VXR: PKR 2,612,000

·        Suzuki Alto VXL AGS: PKR 2,935,000

These Suzuki Alto prices in Pakistan can vary slightly depending on the dealership, location, and any additional features or packages you might choose.

The base model Alto VX, priced at PKR, 2,251,000, is the lowest. The VXR with the AGS variant, which has the automatic gear shift system, is priced at PKR 2,799,000, while the regular VXR, which is equipped with the simpler automatic gear shift system, is priced at PKR 2,612,000. The best model among them, Alto VXL AGS, comes with more additives and is priced at PKR 2,935,000.

Key Features

Every kind of Suzuki Alto in Pakistan provides a special array of features tailored to give comfort, safety, and a good driving experience. Here’s a closer look at what each variant offers:

Engine and Performance

The Alto comes with a 660cc R-Series engine, a model famous for its good fuel economy and low emissions.

The VX and VXR variants have a manual transmission, on the other hand, the VXL AGS variant has an Auto Gear Shift (AGS) transmission, therefore, it is not only the automatic one but also the manual one.

Interior Comfort

Although the Alto is small in size, it has a surprisingly spacious interior and seating that accommodates up to four passengers.

VXL AGS has additional safety features, including electronic stability control and a rearview camera for easier parking.

Exterior Design

The Suzuki Alto in Pakistan has a contemporary and sleek design, which at the same time makes it both stylish and functional.

The VXL AGS version has alloy wheels and body-coloured door handles and mirrors that make the overall look of the car stylish.

Benefits of Suzuki Alto?

The Suzuki Alto stands out in the Pakistani market for several reasons:

Affordability: The Alto is one of the cars in its segment that is the cheapest, thus it is available to a large number of customers.

Fuel Efficiency: The Alto is equipped with a 660cc engine that is very efficient and hence, it is the best thing to opt for if you are looking for a fuel-saving car.

Compact Design: Its small size is the reason why it is the ideal vehicle for the city through the traffic jams and the parking in the narrow areas.

Low Maintenance: The Alto of Suzuki is known for its reliability which guarantees that the car needs less maintenance and hence the ownership costs become lower.


The Suzuki Alto in Pakistan is still a widely chosen car in Pakistan because of its cheap price, fuel-saving capacity, and small size. You can decide to be a first-time car buyer or be a person who is looking for a second car for city commuting, and Alto will provide you with the best deal for the money you will spend.

At this moment, you have the opportunity to go to your closest Suzuki dealership, test drive the car, and see the different variants if you are thinking of buying a Suzuki Alto in 2024. Facing the tough market of car buying, the Suzuki Alto still stands out as the best option for the price-conscious car buyers of Pakistan with its competitive pricing and practical features.

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