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Aqua Car Price

Aqua Car Price in Pakistan

Are you on the search to find an economy-worthy new car and have no idea where to start from? Well, in this blog, we present you with Aqua cars to blow your mind. Aqua cars are the most popular hybrid cars in Pakistan, and with their growing popularity. It is necessary to stay updated with the latest news and features to find out if it fits you before buying this car rather than solely relying on its popularity.

Aqua is a budget-friendly car. However, due to its high initial prices, people often struggle to look beyond that purchase. Aqua has the option to change the fuel type. The cheapest option, electric fuel, can greatly reduce the fuel consumption economy. The Aqua car price in Pakistan  is 45 lakhs PKR with a substantial mileage of 24 to 20 miles. A hybrid automatic car, this aqua car price is with their expenses. 

4 with buying features of Aqua


The interior of aqua cars is perfect for long or short family rides. The seats are wrapped in high-grade fabric with a 60/40 split feature that increases the booth space. It had a push button to start and stop and a 4-spoke steering wheel. The screen display is 6.1 inches and includes wireless audio systems. The car is fully air-conditioned.


The Toyota Aqua features a sporty look and reflects a fluid design in its exterior. It is different from the other cars; the front of the car includes a chrome grille complete with LED headlamps and fog lights. There is an 18-inch alloy Rim and an intermittent rear window wiper.


Toyota Aqua is committed to modern safety features such as transaction control, anti-lock brake system, electronic brake-force distribution, brake assist, and smart top Technology. It contains an airbag, tyre pressure monitor control, door proximity notification system, and indicators for low washer fluid. All of these features are intended to make sure that the driver and passengers are safe, secure, and alerted at all times.

Engine and performance 

Toyota Aqua features a 1.5 liter, 4 cylinder, 16 valve engine coupled with a steel Nickel metal hydride battery. The hybrid car comes with an electronically controlled variable transmission. The electronic controls make the device easy to handle. The car is easy to manage for beginners and gives maximum control to the driver. The performance of this car is extensive and can be stable at high speeds. It does not indicate toppling over at a sharp turn, however, the car requires some care on bumpy roads. It is good for daily commuting and long trips.


Aqua cars are one of the most high-performance in the Pakistani car market. You do not want to miss the opportunity of buying an aqua car for yourself. These cars offer the best range of high-power features. With a horsepower of 1500Cc and a 5-seater car, this car contains the most comfortable and convenient ride with advanced technology to keep you safe and secure. 

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